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A positive patient experience means smoother CT exams
Instead of focusing on the impending exam, your patients have the opportunity to to personalize the room environment by selecting a theme on the touchscreen tablet. They may choose from various ‘themes’ such as jungle, sky, fantasy or underwater subjects. Their selection immediately transforms the imaging room into a multi-sensorial environment.
Everyone Benefits
Each Ambient Experience element is designed to help reduce patient anxiety and improve staff workflow. Together the results are impressive.
Everyone Benefits
Scalable Solutions
Ambient Experience for CT offers scalable solutions, designed to work with a variety of equipment and space configurations. This versatility makes Ambient Experience a smart choice for your patients, and for you.
Kids Get Special Attention
For your youngest patients we offer our model KittenScanner, a small replica of the CT scanner which can help alleviate a child's concern of the unknown.
Kids Get Special Attention
What others say
I have four imaging centers around me that I have to compete with. I've been able to really step up and compete; being able to market to consumers is huge. Normally when you put in an imaging center, you market to physicians. Ambient Experience gives you the ability to market to customers.
Elise MacCaroll, Florida Hospital, Administrative Director
We're one of the most comprehensive providers of pediatric care in Illinois. Providing a supportive and soothing environment for our pediatric patients and their parent is something we take very seriously. So does Philips - our Ambient Experience CT suite is proof.
John Anastos, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital
We did a lot of talking about patient flow, about where our supplies were and where supplies needed to be...
Gary Marshall Radiology, Laughlin Memorial Hospital, Outpatient Coordinator
The CT staff really enjoystaking patients into the CT suite: seeing the reaction on the patients faces, hearing the comments afterwards...
Jesse Taylor, Laughlin Memorial Hospital, Administrative Director, Radiology